HIIA Water

Key Terms

Using our electrolysis water filtration system, we transform ordinary tap water into molecular hydrogen infused alkaline water, which is full of powerful antioxidants1. This molecular hydrogen rich water potentially provides a long list of other advantages that include sustaining bone strength2 and heart3 & colon health4.

Electrolysis of water is the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas due to the passage of an electric current.

Molecular hydrogen (i.e. Hgas) is gaining significant attention from academic researchers, medical doctors, and physicians around the world for its recently reported therapeutic potential5


We combine water-soluble CBD with our molecular hydrogen infused alkaline water to create a hydrating way to get CBD into your system.  Combine the benefits of our water with the benefits of CBD and you have a great product to support healthy lifestyles!

How it Works

  1. Purchase your refillable amber glass bottle (1/4 gal, 1/2 gal, Gallon)
  2. Use the Hydrogen Infused Ionized Alkaline Water filtration system in our store to fill your bottle.
    HIIA Water Available With & Without Added CBD Powder.
  3. Enjoy the benefits
  4. Come in for your refill at your own convenience
  5. Repeat.


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